About The Local Doctor Diamond Creek

Welcome to Our Clinic

To make an appointment phone (03) 8 373 4646 or for an online appointment

New patients are welcome at any time.

We have an appointment system for patients. A standard appointment is 20 minutes but if you think you will need more time with your doctor, feel free to request a longer consultation.

We try to make sure your time at The Local Doctor is as comfortable and pleasant as possible and have designed the waiting area and our facilities with that in mind. We have a flat screen TV, relaxing music, tea and coffee.

We value your time and do our very best to keep your waiting time to a minimum. You can do your bit by coming in a few minutes early if you are a new patient to complete our registration form. Please remember, sometimes there are unexpected delays where our doctors may be devoting much needed time to another patient’s care, as they will dedicate to you. Accidents, emergencies and serious problems are attended to urgently and may take extra time. Please do let our receptionist know if your condition is urgent, or if you are in a hurry.

Test Results

It is our obligation to protect the privacy of your medical information. Please make an appointment to see your doctor for any test results as we do not give results over the phone. Most tests will be ready within 2-3 days.

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