Our Fees

Our Fees

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We are a no cash clinic, please use your EFTPOS card


General Weekday Appointments                                              $34.95 GAP1

1 Concession card holders and children under 16 are bulk billed

General Weekend Appointments                                              $34.95 GAP



All procedures are billed privately and require a $100 deposit at the time of booking.                                 

Skin Cancer Check (Weekdays)

Skin Cancer Check (Weekends)

Skin review




Iron Infusion


Contraceptive implants insertion

Cotnraceptive implant removal




20 minute non-definitive biopsy 3

40 minute non-definitive biopsy 3

60 minute non-definitive biopsy 3

Definitive biopsy


$175.00 GAP

$275.00 GAP

$49.95 GAP

$105.00 GAP

$25.00 GAP

$450.00 GAP

$210.00 GAP

Starts at $200.00

starts at $175.00 GAP

starts at $150.00 GAP

$75.00 GAP

$80.00 GAP

Prices vary 2

$125.00 GAP

$185.00 GAP

$265.00 GAP

Prices vary

Prices vary



2 Please ask reception for cosmetics prices for our cosmetic injectables and laser treatments

3 Please note: There will also be rebate items charged once your histology results are back. You will receive majority of the cost of these items back from Medicare.

Please do not hesitate to ask our helpful staff for clarification.

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