We are always looking for excellent, passionate and dedicated staff members. 

The Local Doctor is a family run business, passionate about providing the best health care in the country, through excellent and well-supported GPs. 

What we offer:

  • A General practitioner owned practice

  • 65% of receipts

  • Mixed billing

  • Friendly and supportive team

  • Support for you to work in your areas of interest, with the latest technology and resources.

  • Full nurse support and allied health including nursing, physio, audiology, pathology, dietetics, and psychology

  • Skin Cancer clinic within the GP practice including state of the art resources and support

  • Fully equipped treatment room - for minor surgeries, biopsies and various procedures

  • Cosmetics procedures

What we are looking for:

  • Someone who aligns with our values of being Friendly, Caring and Thorough

  • Able to work permanently in Diamond Creek (Non- DWS) 

  • Great at communicating with patients, families and colleagues — this is a core part of our service

  • Keen to collaborate and contribute to the culture of a passionate and caring team

  • GP who prides themselves on having patient-oriented focus

If this role sounds like it is for you, please send a cover letter and CV to Charles Accary at 


Call and speak to our friendly staff: (03) 8373 4646  

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