It is safe to come to our clinics. We are the leaders in best practice health care at this time, and assure you that your safety and wellbeing are always our priority.


All Appointments start out as a Telehealth Consultation

1. If you can, please still come to the clinic at your appointment time and wait in your car. If our doctors feel you need to be examined, they can come out to you in full protective equipment and treat you safely. Do not wait out the front of the clinic.

2. Call the clinic as soon as you arrive, from your car on 8373 4646.

3. At your appointment time, hold your mobile phone in your hand and wait for a text message.

4. Once you receive the text message, click on the web link

5.When your doctor is ready, they will call you via the link you have clicked on. All you have to do is accept the call. Allow the video and audio prompts on your phone.

6. Once your doctor has spoken to you, they will inform you of how the rest of appointment will occur. If necessary, the doctor will either visit you at your car, or invite you into the clinic. 

We ask for our patients not to enter the clinic unless specifically asked by your doctor. The elderly, the chronically sick and some regular patients still need to come into the clinic for medical care that cannot be provided over the internet or outside. We need to keep them healthy and safe. We hope you understand and help us to keep our most vulnerable safe in these difficult times.

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